Fortify Your Infrastructure with Uncompromising Security

Automate Security Detection with our Industry-leading Rule Engine, Scanning Against 600+ Rules


Continuous Security

Stay One Step Ahead of Security Threats. Our OptimoCompliance rule engine provides continuous monitoring to detect any security threats that may arise due to misconfigurations in your Cloud Infrastructure. With our proactive approach, you can stay ahead of hackers and ensure the integrity of your systems. Count on our robust security measures to safeguard your infrastructure.


Automatic Compliance Adherence

Effortlessly Meet Compliance Standards. Say goodbye to manual compliance efforts. Our platform automates adherence to necessary compliance guidelines, reducing the burden on your team. We currently support a range of compliance standards including PCI-DSS, NIST, HIPAA, GDPR, APRA, MAS, and the AWS Well-Architected Framework. With our solution, you can ensure that your infrastructure consistently meets regulatory requirements.


Fine-tuned Security Control

Customize and Audit Security Checks. Effortlessly manage false positives, unused resources like AMIs, and specific checks that were already known and intentionally kept for a reason. Our platform allows you to easily mute such rules and provides seamless integration with JIRA for comprehensive auditing. Keep a record of the reasons behind any rule muting and maintain full control over your security measures.


Auto Correction

Don’t wait for manual intervention for critical alerts. Use our Auto Correction Engine to fix the threat anomaly immediately. This allows you to react to threats continuously.



Achieve Complete Organizational Visibility and Accountability. Our rich integration toolset ensures that every member of your organization has complete visibility into compliance and security. Seamlessly integrate with Jira to assign right-sizing suggestions to the appropriate personnel, promoting accountability. Stay informed about security threats using popular monitoring tools like PagerDuty, keeping your entire team on top of potential risks.



Rapid Onboarding with Industry-Standard Security Measures. Start securing your infrastructure within just 10 minutes. We prioritize your cloud account's security by following industry-standard guidelines for cloud integration. Rest assured that we only access your account through the recommended IAM policy, ensuring a secure and reliable partnership.