Continuous Delivery(CD) using CloudOptimo

Software Development Lifecycle has quickly evolved during the last decade putting more emphasis on continuous integration(CI), built-in testing, constant monitoring, and analytics feedback. They all point toward an overall trend in the software industry: increasing the ability to react. As companies are trying to adapt to these changes, they invariably discover continuous delivery, commonly known

CloudOptimo now supports Stateful Applications

We are happy to announce support for Stateful Application using AWS Spot Instances over OptimoGroup. By definition, Spot Instances are Ephemeral meaning that they can be terminated by AWS at any time. This was a requirement which many of our clients raised who wished to migrate their Stateful Applications to CloudOptimo. This will allow our

Traffic Routing
Advantages and disadvantages of AWS Network Load B...

AWS recently announced a new Load Balancer called as Network Load Balancer(NLB). It operates at OSI Layer 4(Transport) that can handle millions of requests per second while maintaining high throughput at ultra-low latency. Let’s look at its feature set to understand how you can utilize it. Advantages: Static IP Addresses: Each Network Load Balancer provides

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Things to know before launching the first OptimoGr...

Congratulations! You are looking for cost optimization for your cloud and have arrived at the right solution. Based on our experience of onboarding new customers, we prepared a checklist that can ensure a smooth experience on CloudOptimo. We suggest that you do the below analysis before launching the first OptimoGroup: Analysis Recommendations: Ensure that your

Top tricks to optimize the cost of AWS

Public clouds such as Amazon AWS provide lots of services and options for enterprises to scale their IT infrastructure and allows you to match your workload and performance requirements. These solutions are cost-effective, elastic, on-demand, mature, and secure compared to their counterparts of yesteryears. It has freed IT managers from forecasting the hardware requirements for

Why CloudOptimo?

More and more businesses are moving to the cloud. By one estimate, 90% of businesses will make a decision to migrate to the cloud. Amazon AWS is a shining light amongst all the Public Cloud stars out there. A new class of businesses (such as Ad tech, Gaming, Data Science companies) require the massive amount