Reduce Cost of AWS upto 90%

CloudOptimo's platform helps you reduce Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) of your cloud infrastructure upto 90% using Cloud Provider's excess capacity.

Reduce <span class="f_700">Cost</span> of AWS upto <span class="f_700">90%</span>

360° solution for Cloud Cost Management, Compliance and Security

Use our intelligent solution to optimize your Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) of Public Clouds.

OptimoAnalytics Dashboard

Bring visibility in your AWS Billing

Use Our OptimoAnalytics Dashboard to spot cost saving opportunities like idle resources and rightsizing. Get notified for performance, cost saving, security related suggestions.

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Continuous protection and remediation against security threats

Use our OptimoSecurity solution to automatically monitor security and health of your infrastructure with more than 600 check points.
It also helps you comply with several certifications like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NIST, ISO, CIS Foundation etc.

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Optimize the cost of running your EC2 Instances

Use our OptimoGroup solution to reduce the cost of running your Autoscaling Groups with the help of excess capacity of Cloud Provider

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Artifical Intelligence

Optimize the cost of running your EMR Clusters

Use our OptimoEMR solution to reduce cost of running your Data Science Workloads using Spot Instances on Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) clusters.

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Scheduled Resizer

Optimize the cost of running your RDS Clusters

Use our OptimoRDS solution to shut down your Amazon RDS Clusters during non-working hours, in weekend and holidays. It also automatically helps you size the instance right based on the usage pattern.

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Integrations. Discover even more possibilities.

Explore the integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar thus boosting your productivity.
Helps the team make suggestions that are actionable and accountable.

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