Do you like tailored suits?

Size your instances perfectly the way you do with your suits. CloudOptimo Platform helps you tailor the size of your instances based on your actual usage.

Right Sizing

Identify instances that are not fitting well for the application load

Identify and automate the opportunities to right size your instances.


Take advantage of our machine learning based Optimization Engine to perfectly size your instances. Our instance scoring algorithms allows a greater cost savings as it looks beyond instance utilization patterns.


Rather than making a guesswork, use our Instance scanner to make right Reserved Instance purchases. We distil it down like a scientific formula. 


Dry run your container sizing using CloduOptimo’s Right Sizing tool so that you exactly know how much load a particular container can withstand. Automate your production right sizing so that resource wastage is avoided.


Implant Right Sizing in the life process of your Cloud Infrastructure to retain constant cost control. Our Predictive Engine makes sure that you have a perfect view of your current and future needs.


Our rich integration tool set makes sure that everyone in the organization have total visibility. Our Jira integration makes sure that right sizing suggestions can be made accountable by assigning it to appropriate personnel.


It takes just 10 minutes to get started. We follow the industry standard security guidelines for cloud integration. We only access your account through the recommended way of IAM policy.