Sync your calendar with Cloud Infrastructure

CloudOptimo platform enables you to automate your infrastructure so that it follows your work calendar. Stop resources during non-working hours / days. Start resources during working hours. Save more than 50% of your annual costs on non-critical workloads.

Optimo Scheduler

Features that translate to direct business benefits

Implement a company wide policy to reduce wastage of non-critical resources(like Staging, QA setups) by running during working days / hours.


Most companies have fixed working hours. Most engineering teams do not work on multiple holidays and weekends. It is necessary that your non-critical infrastructure like QA and Staging setups are shut down to optimize the cost. We automate this to save your costs.


Our easy and intuitive UI makes sure that you do not need to write a single line of code to use this feature. It is as easy as scheduling a meeting on your calendar. Both technical and non-technical users can easily schedule their tasks.


There are times when schedules do not fit in and you may need to override those. You can easily pause your schedules until the day and time you specify or for next few days/hours.  


Free your engineers from mundane tasks like taking Database Backup. We have automated the Database Backup so that precious engineering time is not spent on it. You can set archival policies to automatically ship files to low-cost storage solution like Amazon Glacier to optimize storage costs.


Our rich integration tool set makes sure that everyone in the organization have complete visibility. Our Jira integration makes sure that right sizing suggestions can be made accountable by assigning it to appropriate personnel.  Get notified by using popular monitoring tools like Pagerduty.


It takes just 10 minutes to get started. We follow the industry standard security guidelines for cloud integration. We only access your account through the recommended way of IAM policy.