Run AI/ML workloads without worrying about the cost

CloudOptimo platform allows you to run AI/Ml workloads on Elastic Map Reduce(EMR) Service in the most cost-efficient manner. We want you to focus on important stuff like writing algorithms, creating AI/ML models than managing Infrastructure.

EMR Cost Optimization

The Most Comprehensive Cloud Cost Optimization Platform

The CloudOptimo platform makes it super easy for you to provision, manage and optimize your Elastic Map Reduce(EMR) clusters using Spot Instances.


It’s our responsibility to get you safest spot instances at the lowest cost. Our Spot Bidder system will respond to any fluctuation in pricing or availability in SpotMarket to ensure smooth functioning of your cluster.


Discover production errors automatically and be notified immediately. Reduce your turn around time in case any production issue occurs rather than sifting through logs manually.


Our smart policy framework allows you to set upscaling and downscaling rules that increase or decrease based on a load of your cluster. It automatically ensures that there is no wastage of resources anywhere.


Configure On-Demand instances as a certain percentage of your cluster along with Spot instances for High Availability. This ensures that even though Spot Market Capacity is oversubscribed, your cluster always is available.


Take a backup of your files in Spot Instances to Storage Solutions like Amazon S3, Elastic File System(EFS) and Glacier. You can set archival policies to automatically ship files to low-cost storage solution like Amazon Glacier to optimize storage costs.


It takes just 10 minutes to get started. We follow the industry standard security guidelines for cloud integration. We only access your account through the recommended way of IAM policy.