Get complete visibility in your Cloud Costs

As the modern Cloud Technologies are evolving, getting a complete picture of your costs is difficult. Solve this by using our Analytics Dashboard.

Cost Saving Suggestions

Optimize your spend by staying always alert

Gain a complete picture of cloud costs with combined billing data and detailed usage information.


Easily track budgets and analyze spending patterns to reduce waste and lower overall costs in the cloud. Many a times, the wastage happens as you are unable to figure out where the money was spent. Get complete visibility of smaller items like Inter Region Bandwidths, Snapshot costs etc.


We allow you to easily visualize the instance usage based on multiple metrics like CPU, Memory etc. and map it against it’s costs. In a single glance, you can figure out whether your infrastructure is underutilized or underutilized.


Most of the times, companies are not able to optimize beyond certain level as the costs are tagged under one single line item in your bill. Get complete visibility of your AWS bills with finer details like EC2-Other line item so that you can fine tune your cost reduction.