Fortify your Infrastructure

Use our security rule engine that automates detection of security gaps continuously. It's industry's best continuous security engine which scans against 600+ rules.


Automate Security Compliances

Our features are designed to ensure that you can run your infrastructure without worrying about security.


OptimoCompliance rule engine continuously monitors for any security threats that might occur due to wrong configuration of your Cloud Infrastructure. Be always ahead of hackers.


Today following compliance require lot of manual efforts. We automated that so that you can always follow necessary Compliance guidelines. Currently supported compliance standards are PCI-DSS, NIST, HIPAA, GDPR, APRA, MAS, AWS Well Architected Framework.


Easily mute false positives, unused resources like AMIs etc, and particular checks that were already known and were kept for a reason. Easily audit such muted rules with our JIRA integration so that a reason is on the record.


Don’t wait for manual intervention for critical alerts. Use our Auto Correction Engine to fix the threat anomaly immediately. This allows you to react to threats continuously.


Our rich integration tool set makes sure that everyone in the organization have complete visibility. Our Jira integration makes sure that right sizing suggestions can be made accountable by assigning it to appropriate personnel.  Get notified of security threats by using popular monitoring tools like Pagerduty.


It takes just 10 minutes to get started. We follow the industry standard security guidelines for cloud integration. We only access your account through the recommended way of IAM policy.